The institute is affiliated with The Scottish Coastal Archaeology and the Problem of Erosion (SCAPE) Trust: a charitable company that researches, conserves and promotes the archaeology of Scotland’s coast. Since its founding in 2001, SCAPE has worked with Historic Scotland, Local Authority archaeologists and a number of archaeological units to survey some of the most vulnerable stretches of the Scottish coastline. Generally, SCAPE is interested in all archaeological sites and historic landscapes that have either a proximity to, or relationship with, the coast. As well as recording all the archaeological sites, SCAPE’s team notes the erosion class and geology of the coast edge. It also co-ordinates the Shorewatch project, which aims to empower members of local communities to locate, record, and monitor archaeological sites around Scotland’s coast; especially those threatened by weather and coastal erosion. The charity is run by a board of directors comprising both archaeologists and others with an interest in Scotland’s shores. Tom Dawson manages the day to day running of the company’s affairs.

To learn more about SCAPE’s research, reports, projects, and interactive maps see their website.

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